Install SQL Server Tools on Linux


In the last article I have gone through the process of installing SQL Server on a Linux machine and connecting to the instance via SQL Management Studio. Of course SQL Server on Linux comes with a set of command-line tools and ODBC drivers that you can use for managing SQL and database instances, in this … Continue reading Install SQL Server Tools on Linux


Install SQL on Linux


Microsoft recently made available SQL public preview of SQL Server for Linux. It is important to make it clear SQL on Linux is not a “light” SQL version but Microsoft’s goal is a fully featured SQL Server. In this article I will explore the process to Install SQL on Linux on an on-premises lab. Install … Continue reading Install SQL on Linux

Install Service Manager

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Service Manager is an integrated platform that allows organizations to automate and adapt organization IT Service Management to industry's best practice, in a single product Service manager provides built-in process for incident and problem resolution, change control and, main focus of this post, assess lifecycle management or if you prefer CMDB like features. With its … Continue reading Install Service Manager