Microsoft System Center Orchestrator made its first appearance with the release of the System Center 2012 Suite after Microsoft acquired Opalis the company behind Opalis vNext under which name System Center Orchestrator was previously known.

Orchestrator is a workflow automation software that allows administrators to automate and provision data center workloads from a single pane of glass using visual elements.

Orchestrator uses drag and drop visual elements that allow administrators to define what in Orchestrator’s terminology is known as Runbooks which are then translated into PowerShell or .Net Scripts or even commands sent over an SSH Session.

System Center Labs & Tutorials

In the System Center section you can find a lot of resources, how-to guides, tutorials and technical deep dives on how to get up at speed with System Center Orchestrator and start automating workloads.

System Center Orchestrator can be integrated with the other products comprising the System Center Suite in addition to an essential tool when managing complex distributed and complex workloads for example provisioning Exchange Mailboxes or Active Directory Users which will be illustrated in the various posts.

First Steps with System Center Orchestrator

Manage System Center Orchestrator

Troubleshoot System Center Orchestrator


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