Orchestrator – An Error Occurred Saving Activity to the data store

When trying to check-in a runbook that is being edited in Orchestrator you receive the following error message An Error Occurred Saving Activity to the data store. Please check the Orchestrator Management Service trace logs. This is usually caused by missing parameters in the Send Email activity and happens frequently when importing a runbook that has been … Continue reading Orchestrator – An Error Occurred Saving Activity to the data store


Install SCOM 2016 Update Rollup 1 – Step by Step

scom splash screen

In the previous article I have described the process to install SCOM 2016 , since that article was published Microsoft released update rollup 1 for SCOM 2016. In this article I will ilustrate the process to follow to instsall SCOM 2016 Update Rollup 1 on single or multi system SCOM deployment. [su_note note_color="#ffff96" text_color="#000000" radius="5"]Note: An … Continue reading Install SCOM 2016 Update Rollup 1 – Step by Step

Install SCOM Step by Step

Microsoft made System Center 2016 available so it is time to upgrade your lab and start playing with it. In this article I will illustrate how to install SCOM step by step. I will assume you already have deployed a server with SQL that will be used to host the SCOM database. You can refer to … Continue reading Install SCOM Step by Step

SCOM Service Accounts Creation Script

System Center Logo

I often find myself in the need to install SCOM in my home lab environment and one step which really annoys me is SCOM Service Accounts Creation. I have developed a small script which will take care of the tedious task of setting up necessary service accounts and groups. <# .NOTES =========================================================================== Created with: PowerShell … Continue reading SCOM Service Accounts Creation Script

There are not enough GCs available – SCOM AD Management Pack


When using System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) to monitor Active Directory with Client Side monitoring the following warning could appear in the console AD Client GC Availability : There are not enough GCs available. There are fewer GCs configured than are specified as the minimum number of available GCs. Available GCs: 1 Minimum GCs: 3 … Continue reading There are not enough GCs available – SCOM AD Management Pack

SCCM Endpoint Protection Management


I have illustrated in a previous article how we can deploy and configure the Endpoint Protection Server role so to protect the network from unwanted malware and spyware software. As illustrated in the article the Endpoint Protection role takes advantage of existing SCCM framework to automatically download definitions and deploy them to the clients via … Continue reading SCCM Endpoint Protection Management

Potentially Unwanted Application with SCCM

With the name Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA) are identified all those software or programs that contains adware, toolbars or that installs any other hidden or potentially unwanted package. In my life as IT pro I often found myself dealing with software installing unwanted packages as part of a tool or utility, sometimes this is fine … Continue reading Potentially Unwanted Application with SCCM