Orchestrator – An Error Occurred Saving Activity to the data store

When trying to check-in a runbook that is being edited in Orchestrator you receive the following error message

An Error Occurred Saving Activity to the data store. Please check the Orchestrator Management Service trace logs.

Orchestrator Error

This is usually caused by missing parameters in the Send Email activity and happens frequently when importing a runbook that has been created on different environment (for example when moving from QA to Production)

RunbookIf you check in the Orchestrator Management log file you will find an entry similar the following

1 DBDataStore: ::SELECT * from EMAIL_RECIPIENTS WHERE ParentID = ?

DBDataStore: ::Exception caught in long __thiscall CODBDataStore::InternalModifyObject(wchar_t *,wchar_t *,wchar_t *,class _com_ptr_t >):
_com_errorInvalid pointer-2147467261

Note the parts in bold are giving us the clue of what is failing. Looking the activity’s properties the following is displayed

Send Email Activity Fields

Note the empty brackets are a result of importing the runbook as for some reason Orchestrator did not fill the fields despite associated variables being imported.

Once field are correctly filled the runbook will check-in without any issue

Send Email Activity Filled


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