Apple Calendar Spam

Despite being a Microsoft Engineer I use a Mac for daily tasks and development of scripts etc. thanks to virtualization.

Lately I’ve noticed an increased Apple Calendar SPAM invites, on a daily basis I was getting 2 to 5 SPAM invites in my iCloud calendar from chines sites selling everything from watches to Raybans.

I’ve found out Apple Calendar is not the smartest application out there and there is no easy way decline an invite without sending back confirmation to the organiser. This approach is fine as long as you’re dealing with legitimate invites, less so when invite is obvious spam.

Apple Calendar SPAM – Moving invites to a separate Calendar

When I started receiving SPAM invites I’ve googled to see if this was my issue or something other users experienced as well, it turned out I’m not alone and if you’re reading this you’ve probably experiencing the same issues.

Most solutions I’ve found around revolved around moving invites to a separate calendar and then getting rid of the calendar all together

Apple Calendar SPAM

Delete Calendar

This way you will be given the option to notify meeting’s organiser of your “decline” or not. This is not shown i the image as I’ve found a better solution to get rid of Apple Calendar SPAM invites all together.

Apple Calendar SPAM – Use the anti spam filter

First of all go to and sign in with your credentials then access the iCloud Calendar.

On the bottom-right corner click on the Settings grind icon then select Preferences

iCloud Web

Go to the Advanced Tab scroll down to the Invitations section and finally click on the Email to:<youremailaddress> radio button

iCloud Settings

This will force iCloud and the Apple Calendar Application to send invitations events to your email address rather appear directly in your application so you can leverage email’s SPAM filters and only receive legitimate events.

I know this is not a perfect solution but it’s one that at least is guaranteed working at least until Apple fixes this for good.


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