Hyper-V VM Load Firmware Failed


I was deploying a new virtual machine in my lab to write an article and was in need of disabling Secure BootWhen I accessed the VM’s properties the Load Firmware Failed error message was displayed in the settings page


The easy and dirty workaround to this error message is deleting the boot files which but as the firmware section is not accessible this can only be done via PowerShell. Command to use is the following

(Get-VM scom01|Get-VMFirmware).BootOrder

This will produce an output similar the following (taken straight from my Lab Hyper-V host)

VMName BootType Device                                       Description          FirmwarePath
------ -------- ------                                       -----------          ------------
SCOM01 File                                                  Windows Boot Manager HD(2,GPT17D7EC8E-4613-4D1A-9D28-7...
SCOM01 File                                                  Windows Boot Manager HD(2,GPT17D7EC8E-4613-4D1A-9D28-7...
SCOM01 Network  Microsoft.HyperV.PowerShell.VMNetworkAdapter EFI Network          AcpiEx(VMBus,0,0)VenHw(9B17E5A2-...
SCOM01 Drive    Microsoft.HyperV.PowerShell.DvdDrive         EFI SCSI Device      AcpiEx(VMBus,0,0)VenHw(9B17E5A2-...
SCOM01 Drive    Microsoft.HyperV.PowerShell.HardDiskDrive    EFI SCSI Device      AcpiEx(VMBus,0,0)VenHw(9B17E5A2-...

To delete the BootType File entries use the following command which will produce any output

Get-VM scom01|Get-VMFirmware|ForEach {Set-VMFirmware -BootOrder ($_.BootOrder | ? {$_.BootType -ne 'File'}) $_}

Going back to the Hyper-V console you will see the error is now gone and you will be able to access the firmware section without any issue

Hyper-V Firmware Working

All that remain to do is reordering boot devices according to your needs.


3 thoughts on “Hyper-V VM Load Firmware Failed

  1. I am getting the Load Failed error on the Firmware page for a couple of Gen2 servers in my DR site. Followed the suggestion, but when I run the Get-VMFirmware Powershell command for the affected VMs, it returns error: “Get-VMFirmware : Not found” … I ran it against other Gen2 servers that don’t have the issue to make sure I wasn’t mistyping, and the command worked. Any thoughts as to why I can’t even use PowerShell on a replica of a VM that does not present this issue in the production site? My replica VM won’t boot at all and I am doing everything I can to avoid calling Big Brother in on this one!


    1. Hi Nate,

      apologies for the late answer but being unsure about your comment I’ve asked around.

      Unfortunately I never faced such an issue and cannot lab this out, I’ve asked couple of colleagues more knowledgeable than me on the matter and none could give me a definitive answer.

      I would really appreciate if you could share the solution/culprit once you’ve found it, if you want you can even guest-blog it over here I’d be more than glad to “publish” you.

      I’m just sorry I cannot really be of any real help.


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