PowerShell Studio Preset – HeloCheck Dark Editor Preset

One of the tools I most often use in my daily work, in addition to LaTeX but this is another story, is PowerShell Studio by SAPIEN. If you don’t know the tool PowerShell Studio takes PowerShell capabilities to the next level allowing you to easily create front-end GUIs for your Scripts for example I have used to write my Message Tracking GUI but all of this is for another post.

Today I am writing to share with you a PowerShell Studio Preset that I have created suiting my taste and needs. Generally when using editors I don’t like using light themes on white background as they tend to hurt my eyes. Unfortunately PowerShell Studio 2016 (previous versions even more so) came right with a default light theme and while in the latest version a dark “visual studio like” theme has been introduced it still did not suit my needs for this reason I have created my own preset.

Enters PowerShell Studio Preset HeloCheck Dark Editor

My PowerShell Studio Preset is based on the default Visual Studio Dark theme that ships with SAPIEN PowerShell studio with lot of customization on colors used to highlight the different code components.

To install PowerShell Studio Preset HeloCheck Dark Editor first of all make sure you are using the default dark theme that ships with the product, this is easily done going on the top-right corner of the editor and clicking the small blue circle

Dark Theme

Once you have done this simply download the file attached  to this article, remove the .txt extension and save it to %APPDATA%SAPIENPowerShell Studio 2016Editor PresetsPowerShell

Next in SAPIEN PowerShell Studio go to the [Options] / [Editor] / [Font and Color…] page and select the HeloCheck Dark preset

Fonts and Colors

This PowerShell Studio Preset is dependant on the Anonymous Pro font which has been created by Mark Simonson with coders in mind and that I find absolutely fantastic for the job but of course you can use any font of your liking.

Once the preset file has been installed and made available to PowerShell studio your editor in the code will look similar to the following

PowerShell Studio Preset

The above snippet is coming from my Message Tracking GUI on which I’m still working to squash couple of bugs and implement new features.

I hope you will like the preset and would love to hear your comments and suggestion of course feel free to make any modification and share it I cannot wait to admire your work!



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