Active Directory Inventory – Script to Gather AD Instance Data

In my career as consultant I often need to perform an Active Directory Inventory for new customers so to assess health or to gather more information about the Active Directory deployment.

Before PowerShell I usually performed the Active Directory Inventory using built-in tools which basically meant a lot of manual work and lot of wasted time gathering information.

To make my life easier I have put together a simple PowerShell script to automate the whole process and gather basic information about and Active Directory Forest.

Active Directory Inventory Script

The Get-ADInventory script only requires the Active Directory module and that the user running it has sufficient permissions to read the data gathered.

The following data is gathered by default:

  • Forest Name and Mode
  • Forest FSMO Roles information and servers holding the role
  • Active Directory Site Names
  • Global Catalog servers by Site
  • Domain Details (Name, Mode, Domain Controllers)
  • Domain FSMO Roles information and servers holding the role

All the information is nicely formatted and saved to an HTML file created in the script root directory.

The script can easily be extended to include any further information that is relevant to the environment or project at hand.

You can download Active Directory Inventory Script from Technet Gallery.

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