Exchange Message Tracking GUI – HeloCheck Message Tr@cker

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Since Exchange 2013 release Microsoft removed the Exchange Message Tracking GUI front end which made it easy to write complex filters to track messages and nail down mailflow issues.

While it is still possible to use PowerShell to explore message tracking logs,

While basic message tracking via PowerShell is a straightforward process for basic needs having a GUI adds flexibility when refining tracking queries.

Today I am happy to announce the release of my Exchange Message Tracking GUI front end.

Exchange Message Tracking GUI – Meet Message Tr@cker

Exchange Message Tracking GUI Message Tr@cker is a PowerShell script which builds on standard cmdlets available on any machine where PowerShell (version 3 is required) and Microsoft Exchange Snap-ins are available.

The script has been written Sapien PowerShell Studio 2015 which makes it possible to create GUI front end for PowerShell scripts an easy and enjoyable process anyhow I will write about the tools of the trade and the IDEs I use in another post.

Script GUI mimics in aspect and functionality the old Exchange Message Tracking GUI that was available till Exchange 2010

Exchange Message Tracking GUI

Once the script is started you will be able to search for recipients or senders to track message for or simple run the script that will fetch the first 300 results from all Exchange servers in your environment and display them using the built-in ISE DataGrid View

Exchange Message Tracking GUI - Tracking by Recipient

Like the standard Exchange Message Tracking GUI you can search/filter messages by Sender, Recipients, Message subject partial text or EventID

Exchange Message Tracking GUI - Tracking by Event ID

Finally checking the Detailed Output check box will cause the script to display all properties available to the Get-MessageTrackingLog cmdlet

Last but not least feature is the ability to export the output of the tracked messages to a CSV file which is handy when results of the tracking need to be shown/handed back to a customer or user as a proof here’s a screenshot of results of the above query exported to CSV

Exchange Message Tracking GUI - Tracking by Event ID CSV

Exchange Message Tracking GUI – Special Notes

As I said and as you can see in the info page of the Message Tr@cker this is a PowerShell script with a GUI front end so windows are mostly asynchronous and some actions, like closing the Gridview component before PowerShell has finished feeding data to it, will most probably cause issues which I would be grateful if you can report in a comment or an email so I can have a look.

I have put great care and a good chunk of time coming up with this tool which I hope will make life of you easier, some of my colleagues are already using it, and will try to update the tool regularly and would be more than happy to receive any suggestion or feedback.

Download Exchange Message Tracking GUI

You can find the latest version of Message Tracking GUI from TechNet Gallery. I would highly appreciate if you could rate the script if you find it useful, it takes just a second and would help me a lot!

If you face any issue with the tool or have suggestions for improvements/features request don’t hesitate to drop me a comment below or use the Q&A function over TechNet Gallery.


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