Exchange Schema Version

This post is kept up to date for current Exchange version and will serve as a referral for Exchange Schema Versions Numbers.

Forest Exchange Schema Version

You can determine Exchange Schema Version number for a forest via PowerShell

$RootDSE= ([ADSI]"").distinguishedName
([ADSI]"LDAP://cn=<Your ExhangeOrg>,cn=Microsoft Exchange,cn=Services,cn=Configuration,$RootDSE").objectVersion

Domain Exchange Schema Version

As you know in addition to the Forest Schema version there is a Domain Schema version which can easily be found with

$RootDSE= ([ADSI]"").distinguishedName
([ADSI]"LDAP://CN=Microsoft Exchange System Objects,$RootDSE").objectVersion

Exchange Schema Version Versions Reference Table

[su_table url=””%5D


[su_note note_color=”#ffff96″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”5″] Post last updated 04/30/2016 [/su_note]


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