Evict Cluster Node via PowerShell or GUI

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When managing Windows Failover Clusters it can sometime be necessary to evict a Cluster Node for example due a malfuction of the cluster node in question, in this artcvile we will see how to perfom the task via GUI and PowerShell.

Evict Cluster Node – GUI Method

To evict a cluster node via GUI simply open Failover Cluster Manager expand <Cluster Node Name> / [Nodes] in the right pane you should see listed all the nodes part of the cluster if the node to be evicted is still online, note as in the example the node in my lab is offline, right-click on it and select [Pause] / [Drain Roles] which will ensure the nodes will be transferred to another active node to avoid disrruption to services Evict Cluster Node Drain RolesOnce all the roles have been drained to evict the node simply select the [More Actions] / [Evict] option from the contextual menu

Evict Cluster Node GUIEvict Cluster Node – PowerShell Method

To get a list of cluster nodes open an elevated PowerShell session and use the Get-ClusterNode cmdlet to get a list of the configured nodes for the cluster and their status


Name                 ID    State
----                 --    -----
SRV-HYPERV01         2     Down
SRV-HYPERV02         1     Up

Once you have identified the node that needs to be removed you can use the Remove-ClusterNode cmdlet

PS> Remove-ClusterNode -Name SRV-HYPERV01

Are you sure you want to evict node SRV-HYPERV01?
[Y] Yes  [N] No  [S] Suspend  [?] Help (default is "Y"): Y

By default there will be no output to the cmdlet but you can easily verify operation’s success with the Get-ClusterNode cmdlet

PS> Get-ClusterNode

Name                 ID    State
----                 --    -----
SRV-HYPERV02         1     Up

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