Event ID 1196 Cluster Network Name Resource

SCCM Error Message

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Event ID 1196 is Displayed with external DNS Servers

Take the following scenario, you have a Windows 2012 R2 machine and have installed the Failover Cluster Feature and both in the event viewer Event ID1196 is logged in the event viewer with message Cluster network name resource ‘Cluster Name’ failed registration of one or more associated DNS name(s) for the following reason:
DNS server failure.

Event ID 1196 Cluster Manager

Event ID 1196 Cluster Event Viewer

The event ID 1196 is logged when you install the Failover Cluster feature and Windows cannot register the cluster name in one of the DNS configured on the server’s network card, for example in my lab the message logged as in addition to the Domain Controller’s IP address I am using the default’s gateway, which is not running the DNS Service, IP

Event ID 1196 Cluster DNS Configuration

Once the bogus DNS entry is removed Cluster Manager will stop logging the error message and all will start working as intended

Event ID 1196 is Displayed with AD Integrated DNS

I was working with one of my custoemrs deploying a Hyper-V Cluster and Event ID 1196 was appearing in the cluster event log despite the only configured DNS were the internal Domain Controllers with no external or bogus DNS entries. While checking the possible cause of the issue I found out that the Cluster Name DNS record had been created manually

Event ID 1196 Static DNS EntryCreating a static record for the Cluster Name resource is absolutely fine and helpful to the record getting deleted due to aging/scavenging but you need to take proper care in the way DNS Record permissions are assigned for example in the picture below there are no permissions for the Hyper-V-Cluster computer account

Event ID 1196 Static DNS Entry Permissions[su_note note_color=”#ffff96″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”5″]Note: To display the Security tab you need to enable the Advanced Features DNS Management Console[/su_note]

This can easily solved either delegating proper permissions to the DNS record or delete the static record and let the Cluster Service register the record dynamically.

Indipendently of the chosen appraoch to force the registration of the clsuter name resource and get rid of the Event ID 1196 being logged in the cluster logs you can follow this procedure, open Failover Cluster Manager and with the cluster object selected at the end of the console select the Cluster Name Resource under Cluster Core Resources

Event ID 1196 Static Core Resources

Right-click on the Name Resource Name and select Take Offline from the contextual menu this will not impact the cluster running services or any workload that is hosted on the machines

Event ID 1196 Name Resource Offline

Once the Cluster Name resource is offline right-click on it and from the More Actions Event ID 1196 Name Resource Offline menu select Repair

Event ID 1196 Name Resource RepairEvent ID 1196 Name Resource Pending ONlineThis will cause the cluster service to force a registration of the name resource and assuming correct permisisons for a static record are in place the Event ID 1196 will no longer be logged.


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