PowerShell Font Selection

PowerShell Logo


When you try to set PowerShell Font to Lucida Console as default the setting is not maintained across sessions.

This behavior, effectively a bug, affects all the following Windows versions when not using the American English regional settings

  • Windows 2012
  • Windows 2012 R2
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1

On my System, where I use Swiss Italian culture, I have configured Lucida Console 14pt which perfectly fits my needs

PowerShell Font Configuration

Unfortunately closing and reopening PowerShell will produce a result similar the following

PowerShell Font Not Retained


If you are running any of the Windows versions reported above to fix the bug simply open Control Panel and navigate to [Clock, Language, and Region] / [Region] / [Administrative] tab and click on Change System Locale… under Language for non-Unicode programs

PowerShell Font Regional Settings

Under Region Settings set the locale to English (United States)

PowerShell Font Region Settings

PowerShell Font Restart

Once you have restarted the system the configuration will be correctly applied and maintained across sessions.


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