SCCM Windows 10 Deployment

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Service Pack 1 for SCCM 2012 R2 has added, among other things, support for Windows 10 Deployment as I have already described the process of deploying windows via SCCM in this post I will only describe the process of necessary components for SCCM Windows 10 Deployment.

Uninstall Windows 8.1 ADK for SCCM Windows 10 Deployment

As you know one of the pre-requisites to install SCCM 2012 is the installation of Windows Assessment and Deployment kit for Windows 8.1 which is needed to put in place all necessary bits for the Operating System deployment this is no different for Windows 10 so the first step is remove Windows 8.1 version of ADK just go through the usual uninstall routine and confirm removal when asked

Uninstall WADK for Windows 8

The above process needs to be repeated for any site server where the ADK for Windows 8.1 has been installed.

Install Windows 10 ADK

Once legacy ADK has been removed download ADK for Windows 10 and install it on all site servers that will take part in Windows 10 deployment below you can see which components need to be selected during installation

SCCM WIndows 10 ADK Installation

Wait for ADK to download and install necessary components and verify installation in the Add/remove Programs window

Windows 10 ADK

Repeat the process for all your site servers it is very important to reboot the server after Windows 10 ADK installation to make sure all components are correctly registered.

Deploy Winpe images

The last step to prepare SCCM Windows 10 deployment is copying WinPE images, you need to deploy both x856 and x64 images independently of the architecture you will be deploying to, to a share accessible to ConfigMgr this can be accomplished either manually or through the CopyPe bath files that is deployed as part of Windows 10 ADK installation

SCCM Deploy Windows - CopyPe Command

SCCM Deploy Windows - Add boot Image Add-Boot-Image-WIM-File Add-Boot-Image-WIM-Properties

Once the WinPE images have been correctly made available and deployed to the Distribution Points you are ready to create a task sequence to deploy Windows 10 the process is identical to the one I have described in my Deploy Windows article.


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