SCCM Content Distribution

When you are configuring distribution for a new application, be it a modern or legacy package, one of the fundamental steps is making content available to clients distributing it to a Distribution Point or Distribution Point group in this article I will guide you through this process.

SCCM Content Distribution Wizard

I will assume you already have created a application and configured all necessary deployment parameters to distribute content right-click on the package and from the contextual menu select Distribute Content

Distribute content to Distribution Point

In the first page of wizard you will be presented with the package(s) that will be distributed to Distribution Point and given the option to also distribute any other package the one you’re distributing is dependent upon

Distribute Content Wizard

Distribute Content Summary

In the next page you can specify if you want to distribute content to a single Distribution Point or a Distribution Point group as in the lab I have not configured any Distribution Point group I’ll select the single DP

Distribution Point Group

Just review what has been done in the Summary page and click next when ready

DP wizard Summary

[su_spoiler title=”Distribute Content via PowerShell” style=”fancy”]

The above steps can be carried on via PowerShell via the following command

Start-CMContentDistribution -ApplicationName "7zip x64" -DistributionPointName "SZHV-CM01.MCSE.lab"


This will start the distribution of content to your distribution point, the whole process will take some time depending the size of the package and connection speed between the Site server and the Distribution point you can monitor this through the ConfigMgr console navigating to Monitoring –>  Distribution Status –>  Content Status

Distribution POint Content Status

[su_note note_color=”#ffff96″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”5″]Which Log File? You can monitor Content Distribution through the  distmgr.log  located under <SCCM Install Path>Microsoft Configuration ManagerLogs [/su_note]

It has to be noted that content distribution is not in real time as the console submit the distribution job to the server which in turns queues it and handles the request so as I said it could take some time for full content distribution.


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