Install WSUS for SCCM Updates Deployment


In this post I will go through the process of installing WSUS to enable the Software Update Point so to enable the management of Windows Updates through ConfigMgr.

WSUS SCCM Component Installation

I will assume you have a working installation of ConfigMgr 2012 R2 while I will be installing WSUS and SUP role on a remote System when deploying WSUS SCCM on the same server process is not that different.

Open Server Manager and launch the Add Roles and Features Wizard

ADd Roles WizardIn the Server Roles page select Windows Server Update Services accepting the optional features that will be installed to enable the role


In the Features page simply click Next and in the WSUS Roles Services select the WSUS Services and Database Components 

WSUS Components

WSUS Role Services

[su_note note_color=”#ffff96″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”5″]Note: Be sure not to select the WID dabase as we will be using the same SQL instance used by ConfigMgr [/su_note]

In the Content page select the path where WSUS will store downloaded updates, in my lab I’ve used Z:WSUS_Content but it can really be any path of your choice

WSUS Content

In the DB instance page input the name of the SQL database that will host the WSSUS SCCM database in my lab this is the same host as ConfigMgr


You can leave all remaining pages to their default values as Windows will automatically select necessary components and finally click Install to start deploying necessary components

Install WSUS

[su_spoiler title=”Install WSUS via PowerShell” style=”fancy” anchor=”Install WSUS via PowerShell”]

The above steps can be completed easily via PowerShell here’s the necessary commands

# Install WSUS SCCM Compoents

Install-WindowsFeature -Name UpdateServices-Services,UpdateServices-DB –IncludeManagementTools

# Create the WSUS Content Directory
New-Item -Path Z: -Name WSUS_Content -ItemType Directory

The above steps will Install WSUS Components and create the WSUS Content Folder, last step will be using the WsusUtil command line utility to configure SQL instance and perform other post installation steps

# Navigate to C:Program FilesUpdate ServicesTools where WSUSUtil.exe is located

.WsusUtil.exe postinstall SQL_INSTANCE_NAME="SZHV-CM01" CONTENT_DIR=Z:WSUS_Content

Log file is located at C:UsersletheAppDataLocalTemptmpC196.tmp
Post install is starting
Post install has successfully completed

[su_note note_color=”#ffff96″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”5″]Note: Be sure to replace SQL_Instance_Name and Content_Dir with parameters appropriate for your deployment. [/su_note]


Once the installation of the various components is over you can verify the successful configuration opening SQL Management Studio and making sure the SUSDB has been created


You can also use netstat to ensure the server is now listening on ports 8530 and 8531 which tells us WSUS configuration went through correctly

WSUS Ports


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