No Task Sequence available for this computer error

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Some time ago I was debugging a new ConfigMgr installation where Operating System Deployment was not working.

Customer was trying to deploy Windows 8.1 to some test clients and despite everything seemed correctly configured the client could locate the boot.wim file but WinPE was rebooting just after loading network drivers. No error messages or anything.

I thought issue could be related to some missing driver but upon inspection all needed drivers were in place so to further troubleshoot this I enabled command line support for WinPE and had a look at the smsts.log log file where I’ve found the following line:

No task sequence - Log File

No task sequence available for this computer 

While error message was pretty clear I already verified the task sequence had been advertised to the correct collection so I tried to rebuild the task sequence but the no task sequence available error was still there.

After much troubleshooting it turns out while ConfigMgr boundaries had been configured they were not made part of a boundary group so the client was correctly booting but could not be assigned to any SCCM site and as a result it could not receive the correct task sequence.

Let this be a lesson always make sure to have your ConfigMgr boundaries correctly configured or weird things can start happening.


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