SCCM AD System Management Container

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In my post about extending AD Schema for SCCM I have illustrated how to create the SCCM AD System Management container needed for some SCCM features.

As I find myself involved in multiple SCCM deployment which require AD integration I have written a small PowerShell script which can be used to automate creation and permission delegation for SCCM AD System Management Container.

I have published the script over Technet Gallery where it can be downloaded.

Create-CCMContainer Script will connect to the default naming context, create the System Management Container and assign Full Control permissions to the SCCM Server, script accepts a single parameter which allows you to specify SCCM Server Computer name, usage is as follows

[PS]C:>./Create-CCMContainer.ps1 -ConfigMgrSrv SRV-SCCM01

If the script is launched without any argument server’s name will be assumed and assigned Full Control permission over the System Management Container.

I hope you will find the script useful, if you have any question or want to implement any feature feel free to leave me a comment.


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