Orchestrator Raw Socket Error

Orchestrator Automation

Today I was preparing a demo Runbook in my Orchestrator lab which involved the use oft he Get Computer/IP Status activity and I’ve noticed the runbook was failing with the Orchestrator Raw Socket Error

Orchestrator Raw Socket Error - Runbook Detail

Orchestrator Raw Socket Error - Erorr message

The “… forbidden by its access permissions…” bit gave me some hints on where the issue could be and reading through the Get Computer/IP  Status page over Technet gave me confirmation of what I thought, quoting straight from the page

You cannot set individual security credentials for this activity. It will run under the service account configured for the Runbook Service on the Runbook server where the instance of the activity is running. This account must have the authority to access the resources and perform the actions required by this activity.

To solve the Orchestrator Raw Socket Error the Orchestrator service account, in my lab SCORService, has to be made part of the local Administrator group on the Orchestrator server and the runbook start running through successfully

Orchestrator Raw Socket Error - SuccessNote: If for some reason you cannot add the Orchestrator Service Account to the local Administrator group to avoid the Orchestrator Raw Socket Error running the Runbook Designer console as Administrator will work as well.

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