Exchange 2013 Schema extension

When deploying first Exchange 2013 server one of the first steps to take is to prepare Active Directory and the Schema for the new objects required by Exchange.

To prepare active directory for Exchange 2013 installation you will need a writable domain controller running a 64bit operating system, login with a user is part of the Schema Admins and open an elevated PowerShell or cmd session and issue the following command:

./Setup.exe /PrepareSchema /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms

If there is any issue with the schema extension, for example if the account used is not part of required groups, you will find further information in the C:ExchangeSetupLogsExchangeSetup.log logfile, below you can see a successful Exchange 2013 schema extension:

How to install Exchange 2013 - Schema Extension

Again you can find all changes that have been performed in the ExchangeSetup.log log file, below an except fo the file from one of my lab machines:

[05.21.2015 21:44:33.0834] [1] Processing component 'Resource Property Schema Component' (Updating the resource property schema.).
[05.21.2015 21:44:33.0834] [1] Processing component 'Active Directory Schema' (Updating the Active Directory schema).
[05.21.2015 21:44:33.0834] [1] Executing: 
	install-ExchangeSchema -LdapFileName ($roleInstallPath + "SetupData"+$RoleSchemaPrefix + "schema0.ldf")

[05.21.2015 21:44:33.0849] [2] Active Directory session settings for 'Install-ExchangeSchema' are: View Entire Forest: 'True', Configuration Domain Controller: 'SZHV-DC01.mcse.lab', Preferred Global Catalog: 'SZHV-DC01.mcse.lab', Preferred Domain Controllers: '{ SZHV-DC01.mcse.lab }'
[05.21.2015 21:44:33.0849] [2] Beginning processing install-ExchangeSchema -LdapFileName:'SetupDataPostWindows2003_schema0.ldf'
[05.21.2015 21:44:33.0880] [2] Running <c:windowssystem32ldifde.exe> with arguments <-i -s "SZHV-DC01.mcse.lab" -f "C:WindowsTempExchangeSetupSetupDataPostWindows2003_schema0.ldf" -j "C:UsersletheAppDataLocalTemp" -c "" "CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=mcse,DC=lab">.
[05.21.2015 21:44:34.0584] [2] Process C:Windowssystem32ldifde.exe finished with exit code 0.
[05.21.2015 21:44:34.0584] [2] Ending processing install-ExchangeSchema
[05.21.2015 21:44:34.0584] [1] Executing: 
	install-ExchangeSchema -LdapFileName ($roleInstallPath + "SetupData"+$RoleSchemaPrefix + "schema1.ldf")

Once the schema modification has been replicated to all Domain Controllers of infrastructure you can proceed and prepare the Active Directory topology the switch to setup.exe /prepareAD or /PAD for short, here’s the full command I’ve run in my lab:

Setup.exe /PrepareAD /OrganizationName:"Org Name" /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms

Exchange 2013 Schema Extension - PrepareAD

You can verify the Active Directory topology has been correctly prepared via the ExchangeSetup log file, via the schema master console or, as you can see in the picture, checking the objectVersion property of the Microsoft Exchange System Objects in the default naming context:

Exchange 2013 Schema Extension - Verify

Once you have verified Exchange 2013 schema and topology extensions have been correctly applied you are ready to install Exchange 2013 but this will be the topic of the next article.

If you face any issue or have any question leave me a comment below!


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