Welcome to HeloCheck.com!

welcomeEven if I think the title tells it all already let me reiterate my welcome to HeloCheck.com!

My name is Daniele Catanesi and I am the author here at HeloCheck.com as you can read in the About page this blog was born out of the will to create content that could be useful to Administrators and Engineers alike all around the world, while the main focus will be about Exchange and Messaging technologies I will often blog about different topics among which automation through PowerShell, Virtualization and much more.

While the blog is still very young and content scarce rest assured I have already lot of material ready for publishing, I will start with a series of posts on how to automate building a lab that can be used for proof of concept or training purposes, I am editing a small self published book which will help new administrators don’t get lost in the wonderful world of PowerShell and… but I don’t want to spoil the surprise you will have to come back and check for yourself in the following days as I keep adding content to the site.

Please also keep in mind that I’m still in the proess of configuring the blog so most probably you will hit maintenance page more often than not or notice drastic changes among visits be patient with this, it will be over soon.

If you have an idea and would like to see it developed in a new article or would like to write it yourself feel free to get in touch so we can organize this.

Be sure not to miss any update being notified when something new is posted subscribing to RSS Feeds!


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